Pennsic 2013 Diary: Friday, August 2

Mid-Morning – Marauders

If Pennsic has to end, then yesterday was an excellent last night. I had dumplings, I sat by the camp fire for a while, and then I did one last, long wander. I made it out to most of my favorite camps (EK Royal for the photo-shoot with Ernst’s “herd”, High Rafters, Silverkeep, Bardicci, Wild Rose, Shauna’s Camp, Eoforwic, Enchanted Ground), and got to have nice goodbye chats with some of my favorite people. I even performed a few times, though I hadn’t necessarily intended to. Sol requested I sing “Valhalla” again for the Silverkeep fighters, and when I was at Wild Rose I did the knight at the Virgin and Emperor Nero for Marian and some of her campmates. House Bardicci apparently earned an Order of Excellence from the Queen of Aethelmearc, which is way cool. I didn’t get to see the medallion, but there’s always next year.

I walked all the way around the lake for the first time this year. I admit, it made me a somewhat uncomfortable at times: very dark, and I had no idea where I was. That said, it was no darker than other paths I walk on a regular basis, so I suppose it was just the unfamiliarity that made it feel a bit creepy. On the flip side, I passed a whole bunch of wandering parties and loved feeling their energy. Hoo-rah!

Ran into Grim at Enchanted Ground and he kindly walked me back to camp. He earned two new rings from Cariadoc this year – yay for him! I didn’t get any, but that’s okay. The fact that I was able to tell Cariadoc stories he’d never heard before, and that he enjoyed, was good enough for me.

By the time Grim left and I went to bed, it was about 1 am and quite cold. I slept well enough, woke up around 7:15 to pee and take another Benadryl, and slept until about 8:20. I would have slept longer but I knew the truck was coming early today, and I had a weird dream that it had come even earlier than expected. So up early it was.

The truck did not in fact come ahead of schedule, but 9 am is early enough. We packed it all up with camp stuff, and then I packed up my tent (except for the clothes I’m wearing and one or two small things), and that’s where we’re at. I’m gonna say goodbye to a few ‘Geti camps, but I won’t get the car until the Benadryl wears off. Driving in this state would probably be a mistake, and my allergies are behaving, at least for now. Onward!

Somewhat Later – Same Place

Said goodbye to Master Ernst, Mistress Brid, J & co, and Danr & co. Now I’m back in camp waiting to feel up to driving. At this point a lot of the cleanup is personal stuff, and mine’s pretty much all done. I could go out and watch the Bridge Battle (apparently battles are still running – apparently there’s a reason this whole thing is called “war”), but why ruin a long-running tradition of avoiding the battlefield at all cost? Well, not all cost; I watched the Field Battle the year I retained for Alethea.

I realize I did a minor oops last night. I’d taken an advil for a burgeoning migraine and totally forgot that it would also dull the pain in my foot, so I think I walked a bit too fast and now it’s being throbby again. Oh, well, No real walking to speak of for the next few days, so it can recover.

4 pm – Niagara Region Service Station

How quickly we fall back into old habits. No more than three hours off-site and I’m already playing stupid iphone games again. Because I’m incorrigible.

In any case, the morning was spent, naturally, tearing down the camp. My tent was mostly torn down already, and I packed up the rest of it after the camp stuff went into the truck. As of about 12:45, most of the camp stuff was in storage and personal tents were starting to come down. All told, I think we were making pretty good time.

I left site about 1 pm. There were quite a lot of cars, and I can only imagine the problem will get worse as the day continues.

In any case, I made good time once I hit the highway. I’m at the Niagara service station after about three hours of driving. There’s a playing piano here. And, more obnoxiously, a loud TV tuned to CNN. Grumble. It doen’t help that I’m starting to develop a migraine. Please work soon, advil!

I had some orange juice (God, how I missed orange juice!), and now I’m sitting with some tea and a croissant. When I’m feeling better, I’ll try to get another few hours down the road before I stop for the night. Stupid headache…

9 pm – Microtel, Henrietta, NY

Back in civilization, more or less. Got a decent room rate at the Microtel near Rochester, mostly because I took the last non-smoking room, which had been booked and then was cancelled. The nice desk clerk gave me a $40 discount. Thanks, nice desk clerk!

I had dinner at a diner around the corner called “Peppermints.” Decently tasty, not too expensive, and not the super-huge portion sizes I’ve come to expect from the States. Did a lot of brainstorming for my post-Pennsic brain dump, but I think the brain-dump itself will wait until I get home and am able to type on my computer. On the up-side, the hotel has wifi, so I was able to Skype-call my boyfriend from my cell without paying ridiculous roaming fees – yay technology hacks!

Also notable: the first shower after War. It’s not the hot water or the pressure that’s important (though this shower was perfectly respectable in both regards), but that I can start under the running hot water as long as I like. Mmm… decadence. The Marauders have quite an excellent shower as far as camp showers go, but it’s not just the same. I even blow-dried my hair so that I wouldn’t be sleeping with it wet, so now it’s nice and fluffy.

Speaking of sleep, I’m beat. I think I’m going to bed now, at 9 at night, and only set my alarm for 8:30 tomorrow morning. So… sleepy…

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