Pennsic 2016 Diary: Sunday, July 31

Morning – Marauders

So, not the greatest night of sleep. Not the worst, but it definitely could have been better. I think I got some solid chunks of sleep, but I also had quite a lot of moments of waking up and wondering what time it was and whether I should go to the bathroom. After a while of that, I finally looked at my clock and it was 6:30. Oops. Managed to sleep another 40 minutes before finally giving in and getting up.

On the upside, I got to use a just-cleaned porto. On the downside, trying to use a just-cleaned porto while juggling a purse and my diary with no dry flat surface was… interesting. Challenging. Clean, but challenging. I wanted to bring them with me, though, so I wouldn’t need to re-open the tent and disturb my temporary roommate, and also didn’t want to access the car because unlocking it would blink the headlights at Lorelei’s tent. Good news: hairbrush was in the emergency toiletries kit. Bad news: deodorant was not. Sorry, anyone who needs to be too close to me!

Meal plan doesn’t start until tomorrow so I may wander over to the food court. John’s still not here; not sure what’s going on with that. It’s nice out now, though it’s supposed to rain this afternoon.

Anyway, time for breakfast. Onward!


Mid-Morning – Marauders

It may be taken 12 hours, but I have done bardic at Pennsic. I went out to the Beast and Board for breakfast – it was hopping! Weirdly, it was the longest I’ve been in the food court without meeting anyone I know, but that’s never stopped me before. I’ll just meet new people! Including a lord from Lochac named Damien. I’m always amazed by the Lochacians who travel to Pennsic. That must be brutal!

Came back to camp – John is here! Yay! Moved my car because it was sitting in the middle of where the shade pavilion will be. Speaking of the shade pavilion, John says he’d like to hire some people to dig our sumps and help set up the tents. I am totally behind this initiative. I may not have height or muscles, but I do have spending money and I would gladly use it to help get the camp set up.

Went to go see Ernst but yet again have missed him. Oh, well. It’ll happen.


Late morning – Marauders

Two milestones! 1. My first song of War written. It’s called “John Forgot his Trousers.” I’d meant for it to be a song about people in general forgetting stuff at home, but somewhere along the way it morphed. Whoops. It’s not a good soon, but it’s timely, and that’s the important thing. Sadly, once I’d written it, I couldn’t perform it because everyone was setting up the big shade pavilion. Which leads us to milestone #2: the big tent is up! I helped! Yay! Most years I feel totally useless with the big tent, but this year I was able to do a lot of the rope-tying.

We have, on the other hand, hired some strong, burly men to dig our sumps and drive some of the stakes. I wonder if some year soon we’ll just start renting a tent for a shade tent. I wonder how much that would cost.

Still no tent to call my own, and no real sense of when it’ll be ready. We have to finish with the big tent and get the stuff that’s staying under my tent roof moved somewhere else. So I guess I’m sticking around camp for a while.

I’m kind of annoyed still being in mundanes, but it may be for the best. I’m very sweaty and my jeans are very dirty. Jessa has thankfully agreed to take them with her when she does laundry. Thanks, Jessa! Next year: bring a second pair of pants, sleeping pants, and second over shirt. I’m very much looking forward to wearing linen instead of cotton, but that’ll have to wait until I get unpacked.

Set-up weekend never quite feels like War, but at least I was prepared for it this year. It won’t really feel like War until I’m in garb. Probably tomorrow at welcome-to-War bardic.

I suppose at some point I should think about lunch, but I’m really not hungry yet. Also waiting for us to have the big water jug set up. I’m not feeling dehydrated, but you can never drink enough water.


Early afternoon – Marauders

I am so, so close to having a functional tent. I have walls. I have carpets. I sadly don’t have a tarp under the carpets. There is a tarp, but people are resting, so putting it in will have to wait. I am hot and sticky. I want my garb.

Lunch was some coleslaw. I wanted something cold and wasn’t sure I had time to go down to the Penn Market, and the pickings were slim at the food court. It pretty much came down to coleslaw, fruit salad, and ice cream, and I decided to be just a little bit good. I’ll have more food later.

People are back from storage, but (as I said) are resting. There’s quite a lot of stuff to unload and apparently there will be at least one more storage run.

Oh, and I have barded a little more. Did a mini-wander to Dionne Sidhe, and the only people there were Richard and Osa. So I did the St. Julian story for them but otherwise didn’t disturb them more. I’ll go back later.

I feel like I should have brought set-up weekend snacks. Next year: do that. Shelf-stable snacks that I can eat when I’m still getting used to the heat.

Also, today’s moment of disgusting: my t-shirt is all damp under my breasts. It’s super-visible. Ugh. Stupid cotton. Stupid breasts. Stupid heat.


Mid-afternoon – Marauders

Incrementally closer! Plastic is down, rugs are down, stuff has been unloaded into the tent. Now all I need to do is set up. But I’m wiped right now and mildly twinged something in my shoulder when I was helping to unload the storage locker stuff. Half-tempted to just take a nap on the floor for t while. So hot. So sweaty.

On the other hand, I did make it down to the Penn Market in the end. Lunch (real lunch) was two devilled eggs and a small cheese plate (cheese, salami, crackers, and a few grapes). There was more cheese than I anticipated – it looked more like grapes when it was in the package – but it did the trick. Felt much better after I’d eaten.

Have given hugs to Ernst – we finally were both at EK Royal at the same time. Weather Network says it’s 27, feels like 34, which is… probably about right, actually. [Editor’s note: in this and all other cases, temperatures are in degrees Celsius.] So far the rain has held off (knock wood), but it looks like there are scattered cells all over and will continue that way all evening.

Drake is practicing with his guitar that looks like a lute. I love that we have so many bards in camp this year. Also, Leonette came by – we’ll do the final fitting for my caps tomorrow, which is good because my hair feels disgusting.


Early evening – My tent

My, but that is a remarkable amount of rain to come down all of a sudden! Good thing I have a mostly-set-up tent! Clearly I shouldn’t quit my day-job to moonlight as a weather forecaster.

So, as might be surmised, at some point I actually got off my butt and set up all the stuff inside my tent. Don’t have my bed set up in the orientation I want because there’s an unexpected slope in the floor, but such is life. I hope my air mattress holds up okay.

Aaaannnnd… I’ve got leaking. Quite a lot of leaking. Two sides that had some of the top clips undone were letting the rain in, so I closed them, but now the bottom of the roof canvas is dripping straight down… into my tent. I need to ask John why that is. I moved my bed away so now it’s not dripping on anything but plastic, but still. Miffed bard is miffed. Part of me really wants to go find John right now, but part of me knows there’s nothing that can be done in the middle of the storm and I might as well at least try to use my time productively. Better get on that.


Slightly later – Same place

Rain’s stopped, at least for now. John did some small fixes to my tent but the ultimate solution seems to be just to move my bed away from the wall when it rains. And since I don’t like moving stuff around in my tent, that means all the time. It cuts my useable space by about a third, but it’s fine. It’s still bigger than most of my tents, and so long as my bed is dry, I don’t care.

I don’t have the worst of it. Sisuile’s door opened in the storm, and the tarp Edith had covering all her stuff (including her bed) leaked and everything under it is now soaked. Which, obviously, is less than ideal.

I was hoping to garb up tonight and bring the car up to parking, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen. There’s still time, of course, but I’m frustrated and tired and wet and I don’t want to do anything except dissolve into a little puddle of PMS emotions.

Oh, well. It’ll pass. At least I was in my tent to move the bed. It could have been worse – I could have come back after to discover a waterlogged bed. That definitely would have been worse.


Sunset – Marauders

Apparently the whole site has a power outage for an estimated ten hours. That means most of the food merchants are closed. How exciting!

On the other hand, my car is now in a lovely spot in row 4, and I have agreed to do intermissions for the Lorelei / Emer show, so at least some progress is being made. Now if only I could make progress on dinner…

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