Pennsic 2016 Diary: Monday, August 1

Morning – Marauders

Could it be? Could I really have slept in at Pennsic? Amazing! Much can be forgiven a tent that lets me sleep in at Pennsic, even leaking near my bed. I’m rested! At Pennsic! This never happens!

So, last night started kinda pissy but definitely picked up. After I wrote last I scavenged dinner from bits and pieces around camp. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t hat I would have eaten given the choice, but it was calories and that’s the important thing.

After dinner I did a mini-wander to Heralds2 and High Rafters mostly to chat, and also to perform my new song at High Rafters. My eyes were closing, though, and I figured that since my eyes were closing I might have my second early night in a row. It saddened me, but it would have been okay.

Got back to camp and discovered that apparently the bard-lures were working and we had a small contingent of bardic people in camp. At Lorelei’s suggestion, about a half-dozen of us went to the Performing Arts Tent to entertain her while she painted the legs of the new stage. It was fun and chill, a mix of low-key / workshop performances and chit-chat. I got to put my arm on Dahrien’s shoulder. (Yes, I was on a chair, and was on the floor, but still. Let me have my delusions of height.) Probably went to bed around 12:30.

It was cold enough last night that I brought out my cloak and wore it over my mundanes. It’s supposed to be even colder tonight. Yay!

Woke up with a desperate need to use the privy at 3:30, slept through to about 7:10, rolled over and slept further to 8:40. Bliss!

Woke up to get the very tail end of breakfast and play with super-awesome mini-hats made by Danr’s daughter Gwyneth. So cute! Much love!


An awesome fascinator made by Gwyneth


Don’t have much on for today. The camp still looks like it exploded and will need some heavy cleaning up, and there are still some tents to be set up, so I’ll probably spend at least some time in camp. Also need to change over some traveller’s cheques, and then tonight is Rhodri’s “Welcome to War” bardic at Calontir. Otherwise I’m hoping to wander a little further afield and give more hugs. Sounds like a plan to me!


Early afternoon – Heralds2

A meandering sorta morning. Left camp with Ana, Isabelle, and Jamie, and headed over to the behind-the-barn merchants. Waved to Efenwealt who had just pulled in, hugged Rolant, did some window-shopping, and changed over some traveller’s cheques.

Used the flushies, realized my period had started a day early (oops), came back to camp to deal with that, and then headed out again. Drake asked where High Rafters was, so I walked him down. Then, since I was in the area anyway, I headed a bit further down to Silverkeep. Walked in on Sol and Katrusha brainstorming some EK College of Performers stuff, so I helped out with that for a while.

Then it was getting on lunchtime so I rolled up the hill to get lunch from the Penn Market (devilled eggs, quinoa salad, grapes) and came over to Heralds2 to eat it.

On the upside: lovely breeze tonight. Very nice in the shade. On the downside, my shoes – while very comfy – are not ideal. They’ve got great arch support, but no ankle support, so I keep rolling my ankles.

I’ve gotta head up to Sharc to get my caps from Leonette, but not sure what else I’m doing. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Or something will find me. Or both.


Mid-afternoon – Kafe Merhaba

Final fittings have been done on my St. Birgitta caps. Came back to camp just long enough to grab Kunegunda and head to Kafe Merhaba for beverages and a pita plate. We both had julabs – blood-orange and mint for me (highly refreshing) and blackberry for her (sweeter than anticipated). I’m sad about the state of the café. It’s about half the size it was before (back to its original size), there are no cushions, and the food and drink are served in disposable cups and plates. Part of me really hopes that changes in War Week, but I don’t see how they have enough space for dishes or dishwashing. But mostly I’m sad at the vastly reduced seating capacity and that it’s much less comfy, being essentially plywood benches. Alas.

I need to figure out when I’m taking my shower. It should really be today, but I don’t think our shower will be ready tonight. So down to the communals. I suspect I’ll do it before supper; afterwards I want to just go over to Calontir.

I’m already starting to get blisters on both feet. This makes me sad. It’s only Monday of Peace Week. I’ve got lots and lots more walking to do before this is over.

We had a small rain cell pass through as I was sitting here. Only five minutes or so and not super-strong. I closed the doors of my tent and if I’m lucky it didn’t leak. If it did, well, everything is in the tubs and there are two layers of wool on the bed. Hopefully it’ll be okay.

Hmm… don’t know what I’m doing next. Shower? Ice cream? Both? (Maybe not at the same time, though.)


Before supper – Marauders

Final verdict was old-Eoforwic (apparently there is no longer an “Eoforwic” camp, but many of the same people are in the same place), then ice cream, then shower. I’m in the same tunic but at least my body is clean.


Sunset – Marauders

Supper was pulled chicken, brisket, and sausages, with sides. Because I live in an awesome camp with an awesome meal plan. Sisuile, Lorelei, and I did some brainstorming for our bardic on Thursday and how we’re gonna curate it. Apparently we’re very popular now.

I tried moleskin on my nascent blisters but I really don’t like the way it feels. So I’m trying to air out my feet tonight and hopefully that’ll help. My ankles aren’t so happy. I’ll need to figure out what shoes I’m wearing tomorrow. I do like these, but I don’t like turning my ankles.

We’ve got a USB phone-charging station in camp now. That is both awesome and odd. The thought that enough people have electronics that need charging (including mine) seems very un-Pennsic-y. But it is the state of things now. And if it is that way, then it might as well be something we can do in camp.

I’ve got two very large insects (like 2” long) living in the roof of my tent. They’ve been there since this afternoon. I was kinda freaking out, but Sisuile says they’re harmless to people and are indeed the sort that eat smaller, more annoying insects. So hopefully we will coexist. If I wake up to one of them on my face, I will probably scream and then set my tent on fire. Nuke it from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure.

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