Pennsic 2016 Diary: Tuesday, August 2

After breakfast – Marauders

Calontir bardic was a lot of fun. Also very large. By the time I showed up just after dark, the circle was already in full swing. Lots of people were there, as might be expected given that this was the only big circle last night. There were about a half-dozen of us from Marauders / Ansteorra and we sorta glomped together near Dahrien. Dahrien is very comfy as a pillow, and also great for whispered heckling. (Not too much heckling. Mostly wrongness.)

The circle took a long time to go around, probably 2.5-3 hours. A lot of people left after their first performance (admittedly a lot of them waited several hours to get to that point), so it went around a second time in about an hour, and that’s when I left because it was 1:30 am.

Some notable performances: a well-told version of the one-legged crane story from the Decameron, “Vivat the Dream” in honor of it being 50-Year, a surprisingly well-told version of “Pennsic IV” (the footnotes were modified just enough to be quite funny despite the fact that I’ve heard it many, many times before), and a great story / poem by Morgana about a king who wanted to build a grand palace (similar themes to “Ozymandias”).

I performed twice. Once when things were in full swing, the story about St. Julian. The ending moral got a great pop of laughter, which made me very happy. I performed a second time late in the evening, “The Clash of Three Armies.” I knew it was a risky choice – it pretty much calls Calontir traitors, and I was performing it in their own camp. It… fell flat. Rhodri did some heckling. I tried to be super-cute and make up for it after; I’m not sure I entirely succeeded. Certain people came up after and made a point of telling me they liked it, so that was heartening. But if the war starts early because there was an inter-kingdom incident, it might be my fault.

Got to bed about 1:45, and it was around 16 degrees in my tent. But! For the second day in a row I slept into 8:30! Yay!

Got up, got breakfast, wrote one paragraph of journal, and was interrupted by the camp mobilizing to adjust the main tent. Did that, but I admit it wasn’t what I was planning on doing before I got dressed this morning.

Blisters are still kind of annoying. I’ll try walking without socks today and see if that helps.

As an aside: when did the chocolate library balloon into 12 boxes?! I’m sure it was 4 the last time I was here!

I’m teaching today at 3:00. Before that I should check in at University Point and maybe sign up for some Troll shifts. Afterwards, I’ve been re-invited to Crook’d Cat to sample some of their fresh-baked bread, and that is not an invitation that needs to be repeated twice. I’d also love to run into Marian today, but we’ll see if our paths cross.

Oh, and our camp is now “full service.” Hair, nails, and coffee all at the same time. (Not me. Master Francis. It’s hilarious.)

IMG_3738 cropped

Ours is a full-service camp

And sometime this week, Edith and I will rummage through my bins to see if she fits any of the stuff I no longer do.

Anyway, time to get dressed.


Noon – Marauders

A morning of running around and errands. After breakfast I got dressed (and finally got the large insects out of my tent), registered at University Point, signed up for two Troll shifts (tomorrow and Saturday), went by the flushies, and got a chance to say hi to Erwillian. We chatted a bit about the coin-collectors meeting on Monday.

Came back to camp as we were in the final stages of preparing to re-wax the water barrel and get our load of firewood. We realized we didn’t quite have enough wax so I volunteered to get some more. Picked up six little rounds from Rolant, and by the time I came back the firewood pile was down to kindling. So… good timing?

My feet are still not super-happy. Going sockless works well if I’ve had the shoes off for a while, but once my feet are sweating, the blisters get aggravated again. Argh! Too early in the War for blisters!

Now we’re all taking a break, and the camp is looking much better. The shelves are up, the firewood is stacked, the piles have retreated to corners as opposed to being everywhere. So… progress!

At some point, I really should think about lunch. I had one of Jessa’s truffles (because Jessa is awesome and very generous to her campmates), but that’s not really “lunch” per se. I’m not hungry, but I probably should be. Maybe time for more water.


Early afternoon – Marauders

Lunch was a quinoa salad and sliced strawberries. Very refreshing and tasty!

Stopped by Efenwealt’s to see if the Bards By Day / Bards By Night book is there, but Lorelei hasn’t delivered it yet. Maybe I’ll ask her if she wants me to do that for her.

Contemplated heading down to the Bog but the timing would be tight with my class at 3:00. Instead I went up to Bhakail. Sabine wasn’t there but they allowed me to bard at them. No one was at Dione Sidhe so I came back to camp just in time to transact my barter with Fiana, who had stopped by to see me. So now she has some new coifs and I have a new paternoster. It’s so pretty!

And now, here I am. I’ve got about an hour before I need to go to my class. Time to chit-chat and maybe get a knife-making lesson from Francis.


Mid-afternoon – Marauders

Class went well. Had probably 20-25 students and went through a large portion of my saint stories. Of course, now my voice is temporarily shot, but that’s par for the course. It’ll come back. I like teaching my saint lives class because it lets me do some of the stories I don’t generally do at circles.

Oh! Also! I am now a respectable woman again – Leonette delivered my St. Birgitta caps. So I have something to wear on my head under my hat that’s not a veil. Sadly, the lack of air circulation means my head gets kinda hot, but I still like them.

Hmm… do I head over to Crook’d Cat before dinner? Yes, yes I think I do.


One of my new St. Birgitta caps and a gown I was considering purchasing


Before supper – Marauders

OMG, so tasty! So delicious! Is there anything better than right-out-of-the-oven bread? No. I don’t think there is. (I may think so later, but right now I’m stoked.) In exchange, I performed “The Feast Song,” “Beowulf for Kids,” and “Serious Steel.” There’s an adorable 3-year-old in camp who was boppin’ along to that last one and I almost died of cute.

Dropped in on Dione Sidhe to say hi – they were having supper and offered me some, but our own supper is coming out soon. One of these years I’m gonna see if I can just sing for my supper every night at War, but this is not that year. Came back to camp to see a bunch of Master Francis’ knives. They are awesome. I wish I had more occasion to use mine.

Now I am sitting. I need to sit for a while to be off my achy feet. Stupid feet. By next year I need to figure out how to deal with blisters.


Evening – My tent

On the one hand, I could do what I was planning tonight and go down to the Bog to see who’s there. On the other, lying down on my sheepskin is comfy, I’m tired, and my feet are blistery. Maybe I should just stay here. Decisions, decisions…

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