Pennsic 2016 Diary: Friday, August 5

After breakfast – Marauders

Chocolate Bardic (aka Maraude at Home V) was great! We had about 43 people on the sign-up sheet, which I think is about right. We opened the circle around 9:00 pm and went down the sign-up sheet, taking the occasional break so people could get more chocolate. We ran through the list and a small round of “all the bards from Marauders / Ansteorra” (aka Sisuile, William, Drake, me and Aibhilin) by around 12:45, when we opened it up to pick-pass-play. Went around the circle once by 2:10, when we closed it out. Perhaps my favorite song of the evening was a filk of Tom Lehrer’s “The Masochism Tango” called “The Anachronism Tango.” So funny! Must get!

Fiana was there and I ceded my place to her so she could do her new Iesu Odinson story. It was really good! I caught at least one Bible story in there, and there may have been as many as three mashed together. I’m really looking forward to her “crossing cultures in storytelling” class next week.

I picked up three songs I want to learn. I can only imagine how many I’ll have by the end of the War.

I performed three times. Once toward the end of the main part of the evening (St. Mary wins a tournament), once in the Marauders intermezzo (“Sixteen Shirts”), and the final song of the evening (“Health to the Company”).

Backing up to the topic of chocolate… so much chocolate! While Sisuile and I were running the circle, our campmates were back in the main tent being awesome and running the “chocolate” part. We had two huge carafes of hot chocolate (and a smaller one of dairy-free hot chocolate), plus the “chocolate library” of nine boxes (minus the “special reserve” box which is for campmates only). It was… ravaged. But that’s a good thing! Come and eat our chocolate, and stay for the songs!

Sadly, I didn’t really consume much of the chocolate myself. I was doing a lot of the announcements (“Please speak with Sisuile if you would like to perform!”, “We will now be taking a three – count’em three – minute break!”) and I wanted to wait until after I performed before drinking milk and chocolate. The upshot is that by the time I finally felt comfortable getting some, we had just run out. Oops. I don’t mind too much – this is what I choose to give up for the sake of performing, and I am comfortable with that choice. It looked very tasty, though.

Even though we closed the circle at 2:10, I didn’t get to sleep until about 3:00, between cleanup and bedtime prep, and searching for the little bells that had gotten ripped off my paternoster. (We found one but I suspect the other is gone forever.) Woke up at 5:00 to use the privies, and then again at about 8:20.

Surprisingly, I was not woken by the sun but by a flurry of activity in camp. We had incoming Weather ™, so everyone was rushing to bring the chairs and other equipment back under shelter. I was moving chairs before I’d gone to the bathroom. I got fully dressed before I had breakfast, just in case I was rained out of my tent.

In the end, the storm just clipped us and we got about five minutes of heavy rain. The sky looks fairly clear now, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. I’ll go back to my tent to check if it leaked again. Hopefully not.

I have a mostly free day today, except for the Lorelei / Emer show tonight. There’s still no set list, and Lorelei lost her voice last night, so planning may be… a bit hectic. But I’m fairly confident that I can pull out some appropriate stuff on short notice.

My blisters got worse last night as I was standing and walking a lot for the circle, but I’m hoping to do a preliminary CD shopping run and also to wander down to the Bog. Not sure what else will happen, but I’m sure something will.


Slightly later – My tent

Remember how yesterday I said 30 degrees and 55% humidity felt lovely? It’s now 30 degrees and 65% humidity and it feels like I’m in a sauna. Blargh…


Early afternoon – Marauders

I have done my initial CD run! Between the CDs I picked up today and the few others I’ve gotten so far, I’m up to 23 new ones. Yay! So much new listening!

Otherwise I’ve done a little visiting with Eleanor and Menkin, did some performing for the Bardicci at the Tudor House (St. Julian, “Megan is Baking”, “Sixteen Shirts”), and read through the Pennsic Independent, which starts today. Now to grab some lunch and then join Lorelei and Emer to plan the set list for tonight’s show. (Us? Cutting it close? Perish the thought!)

I haven’t been to Kafe Merhaba nearly enough this year. I should fix that.


Early evening – My tent

After writing last, I went by High Rafters to work on the set list with Emer and Lorelei. Even though I’d given them an hour or so, the force of socializing had overcome the force of planning and they hadn’t actually gotten as far as the set list yet. I stayed for about two hours, and the time was spent probably 1/3 planning, 2/3 socializing. In the end I told them to just show me the list when it was done and I’d find some appropriate pieces to do as my intermissions.

Came back to camp with the intention of going down to Silverkeep to see if any of them want to go to Kafe Merhaba, only to find Katrusha, Sol, and Tristan in camp because Tristan needed some appropriate commedia garb and was wondering if John had any he could spare. Of course, he did. So after hanging out in camp with them for a bit, I suggested relocating to Merhaba, and this met with general approval.

Merhaba still doesn’t have cushions or real dishes, and I suspect they won’t at all this year. But they did have some interesting julab flavors. I got a cucumber-lemon (refreshing, and you can surprisingly taste the cucumber), and Sol got a cucumber-vanilla (sweeter, and the vanilla kinda overpowered the cucumber). Katrusha and Tristan both go Siamese coffees (the coffee taste is unexpectedly mild and you mostly taste the coconut milk and spices – a decent choice if I really need caffeine one day). We also shared a baklava sampler plate, which was very tasty.

Had a good time chatting with them and sitting somewhere with a breeze. Katrusha has picked up some new hobbies, including wet-felting, and she has made some wet-felted boots. Because she is amazing.

After a while I figured I should come back to camp and heck on the status of the show. Lorelei was not in camp, but Cerian was, and he had also been at High Rafters. He told me that sometime after I’d left, Emer went to either lie down or do sewing, and Lorelei had to open the Performing Arts Tent for the 5:00 show.

So, with three and a half hours to the show, I sat down outside my tent and put together two possible intermission sets. So if nothing else, I know what I’m doing. Everything else, not so much.

It looks like people are starting to arrive for the big middle-weekend rush. Jeanne and Erikr are here and Lucrezia should be arriving today. Soon I will be back at the point where I don’t know anyone’s name again.

For my part, I’ve got my traditional heat rash back. At the very least, I’ve got it on my arms, which means my torso most likely has it as well. This is what happens when you have a super-hot day like today. It’s finally starting to cool off, but it’s still warm (NOAA says 29 / feels like 32, my tent thermometer says 31.4 degrees and 54% humidity), and the low tonight is forecast at 20 degrees, which means it’ll be hot again. Blah. The weather is the thing I hate most about Pennsic. I like a lot of other stuff, but I really wish the weather could be more mild.

Dinner should be pretty soon, and then I’ll be busy getting ready for the concert, doing the concert, and then it’ll be 11 pm and I don’t anticipate doing anything after. Maybe Bhakail filk night. We’ll see what time it is.

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