Pennsic 2016 Diary: Sunday, August 7

Morning – Marauders

Intermezzo went fine. Forgot that I’d put the hat-prop on my head and ran backstage to get it, only to remember that’s where it was. Oops. Also I started the song too high, but I was just able to reach the high notes, so I plowed forward. People laughed in all the right places and applauded at the end, so that’s the important thing.

Came back to camp, brainstormed with campmates for my new song (the one Sara asked for), and wrote it. Took a little longer than I thought it would, but it’s done now. It’s almost like a jingle. I can’t perform it anywhere else because it’s full of inside jokes, but hopefully the Marauders will like it.

It was getting kinda late but not late enough that I wanted to go to bed, so I headed over to High Rafters in the hopes of finding bardic. I found a very low-key circle going on, got my arm twisted into doing “The Excuse Note,” got to put in a request for Morgana to do “Utah” (so funny!), and then realized my lungs were closing up. Turns out someone was smoking behind me and my lungs didn’t like that at all. So I bowed out early, meandered over to Heralds2 (Ernst had just gone to bed), used the flushies, and came back to camp. John was telling Hrothgar stories, so I stayed up for a few, but then fatigue got the better of me and I went to bed. I wish I’d stayed up longer – it wounded like people were having a blast in the common area. I would have gone out again but I’d already gotten undressed and didn’t feel like going through the hassle of putting on clothes again.

It was cold last night. It was very happy with how warm my hood and mantle kept me – good purchase, self! It was 14 degrees when I went to bed, and 12 degrees at 5:00 am when my body told me it needed to pee. Grumble. I wanted so much to stay in bed for another hour or two, but I knew my body wouldn’t let me. I actually pulled my hood out of the tote for the walk over to the portos, which was probably a good choice.

And now it’s today, and the first of my true “double-booked all the time” days. There’s the A&S exhibition at around noon, then at 2:00 I’ve got both Sisuile’s wedding party and the Runestone bardic, and then in the evening is the East/Mid bardic expo and the EK College of Performers meeting, the Efenwealt concert, and a circle at Atlantia. Still not sure which of those three I’m going to. Sigh. I guess at some point I should get dressed. Just as soon as Sara finds me so I can perform my song for her.


Early afternoon – My tent

A busy morning, and that was supposed to be the quiet part of my day. Went over to Dione Sidhe looking for Brid, but she was at EK Hospitality. I did the story of St. Anastasia’s maidservants for them, because far be it from me to leave a camp without performing. Came back to Marauders to find Sara had come back as well, so I did my new song for her. She liked it, so mission accomplished!

Headed over to EK Royal and found Brid, Ernst, and Cormac hanging out in Hospitality, so I joined them for a while. Chatted, signed up for a shift on Wednesday, said I might come by for State Dinner tomorrow if I’m not otherwise busy, and performed St. John the Almsgiver because it seemed appropriate.

On my way back to camp, I ran into Marian and Pierro separately. Marian asked if I wanted to be in her concert on Wednesday, and I said yes, so I’ll have to figure out what I’m performing for that. If I can polish it in time, maybe the one about King Conrad.

Stopped by Oakwood Hall long enough to perform the story of Peter the tax collector (the first time I’ve performed it, I think) and get my party token. Then back to camp.

It was a little past noon and I had about an hour to kill, so I prepped some stuff in my tent for the barter town meeting tomorrow. Was leaving my tent to journal and go to the A&S Exhibition but as I was entering the common area I got roped into helping John make scones for Sisuile’s wedding reception. (Specifically, he asked, “Whose hands are strong enough to knead dough?”, and it just kinda snowballed from there.) So I spent an hour or longer kneading, shaping, cutting, and brushing nine trays of scones. It was fun – we sung Tom Lehrer and Rocky Horror songs, traded NSTIW stories, and otherwise kept ourselves entertained.

Which brings us to now. The reception is starting but I needed a few minutes of quiet to catch my breath and be off my feet. I didn’t drink enough water while I was making the scones, so I’ve gotta fix that. I figure I’ll spend a half-hour or so here, then head down to Runestone bardic, maybe with a stop at the Penn Market to get some protein on the way.

Deep breath. Time to put my hat back on and be sociable again.


Late night – Marauders

I haven’t had much of a chance to journal today, and I probably won’t have much of a chance tomorrow morning, so it’s time for everyone’s favorite game-show game: late-night journaling!

After writing last, I spent some time at Sisuile’s wedding reception. As is appropriate for the Marauders, there was so much food. Tasty food. Tasty food makes for happy Pocket Bards. Hung out long enough to chat for a while and wish mazel tovs to Sisuile and Ruven (sp?), and then headed out for the next thing.

On my way down to the Runestone, I ran into Cerian and John Inchingham manning John ap Wynne’s booth, doing bardic amongst themselves (naturally). Cerian requested “Wild Eastman Spam” from me, and I stayed long enough to listen to him do the were-llama song. I borrowed his muse for the spam song, I swear.

Then it was down to the Runestone bardic circle. It was low-key and a lot of fun. I workshopped my King Conrad story and did some other stuff I honestly don’t remember at this point. Dahrien has these really great “bardic prompt” cards that I absolutely must have. They’re amazing.

The circle closed out a little after 5:00, and I had just enough time to go to the washroom, grab some supper, and scarf it down before the East/Mid bardic expo. It was a smaller event than I’d expected: 10 performers split between two sets, and maybe 30 more in the audience, including Their Royal Majesties Northshield. All the performers were good, as might be expected from a curated show. (Fiana did “Light of the East,” Emer did “Macha,” a woman named Honor did a song in an utterly beautiful voice, Maggy did a great Indian story about why the picture of a hare is painted on the moon, etc.). I’m not sure if I’d go again if I had my evening to live over, given what else was going on tonight, but I’m glad I went.

It finished around 8:00, and then there was time spent chatting. Grim and Cedar were kind enough to help me workshop my King Conrad story and made some good suggestions, so thank you!

Then I rushed back to Marauders and grabbed a quick shower. A hot – yes, hot – shower. Because it was cold. And I needed a shower and won’t have time tomorrow.

When that was done, it was time to head up to Atlantia in the hopes of catching the second half of their circle. I had to hold myself back from walking too fast, lest I injure my foot again. Atlantia is way north in Dagan’s Dell. I forgot about the cathedral up there, but it’s beautiful.

The Atlantian circle was… variable. There were some truly excellent performances, among them Cedar’s new song about the Einherjar, Rosalind Jehanne doing “Battle of Maldon,” and Aibhilin’s song about the female combat medics (“The War I Wage“). On the flip side, there were some really awful ones, including “Bog Down in the Valley-O” set to a badly-strummed guitar and a long, rambling story about a prince trying to wake a sleeping princess, who got into his starfighter and… yeah. That was one of the more understandable parts. On the upside, the circle was the first time I ever got to hear someone do a saint story from one of my classes: Cameron did the story about the two monks who try and fail to start an argument. Squee! My master plan of spreading Christian mythology is working!

Chatted with Efenwealt a bit after the circle and found out about some circles I hadn’t known about over the next couple of days. Just because my Tuesday isn’t busy enough already.

Tomorrow I’m pretty much booked straight through from 10 am to the late afternoon: teaching “Sexy, Silly, Scheming Saints”, the barter town meetup, Fiana’s “Crossing Cultures” class in camp, and then the Bardicci coin collectors meeting. There’s a bardic ice cream flash mob at about the same time, but I may be able to do both. I may or may not do hospitality for the State Dinner, but more likely I’ll go down to Enchanted Ground. I try to get there at least once a War and I’m not sure I’ll have another opportunity.

It seems weird that suddenly there are only 4-5 days of Pennsic left. I’m super-busy for the next three of them. Somehow stuff keeps cropping up that I’ve committed to. Oops. Ah, well. If I were bored, it wouldn’t be Pennsic.

And now it’s probably time to go to sleep. I’ve gotta teach at 10:00.

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