Pennsic 2016 Diary: Monday, August 8

Morning – Marauders

Not so much this morning since I did my long post last night. Just a few things.

First, I realize I forgot to mention that I did Eleanor Fairchild’s “Twilight Ride” at Atlantia last night. While I personally felt it went well, I also found it landed kinda flat. I’m not sure why and it’s bumming me out. Maybe I’ll be able to find Dahrien later to give me his opinion on how it went.

Second, last night was another cold night. Thankfully, cold is one of those things I’m good at dealing with. At the circle I had my hood and mantle on and wrapped my lower body in my cloak, and that kept me nice and toasty. In bed I have my mountains of wool blankets and polar fleeces. The only problem comes when I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and thankfully that held off last night until about 6:45.

Finally, I got a token this morning! Sara gave me a large bell because she liked my song so much! Yay! Admittedly, it’s a bell from the nookie jar, which led to some amusing insinuations and innuendos, but still! Another token for my pilgrim bag! Yay!


Mid-afternoon – Marauders

Day has been quite full so far. My saints lives class went well – lots of students, a few good questions, and otherwise very appreciative audience. I even got a token out of it! And one of my students gave me a photocopied chapter of a book about St. Nicholas – yay!

Got back to camp with just enough time to grab a burger and grab my tote for the barter town meetup. It went… as well as could be expected, I guess. I bartered away the four apron dresses, two t-tunics, and a ring belt, and got in exchange an overgown, a cotton sideless surcoat, and some jewelry. I was hoping other people would be in the same place as me: with garb they’ve outgrown or is no longer appropriate, but still well made. Instead, there seemed to be a lot of Middle Eastern, a lot of bodices, and not much garb appropriate to me. Ah well. I’m going home with more room in the totes, which was the plan.

Then it was time for Fiana’s “crossing cultures” class, about how she writes her Iesu Odinson stories. As expected, it was quite small, just me and one other student. Good stuff, though. Always nice to see how other people go about the creative process. Fiana goes about it very differently from me, but her way may be better for the new types of stories I want to start telling.

Took a few minutes with Fiana to review the damage to the paternoster she made me. She’ll be coming back tomorrow morning to fix it. Yay!

Class ended early so I had a bit of time to journal, and soon I’ll take all my Bardicci stuff over to Oakwood Hall for the coin collectors meet.

My left groin (where the leg meets the torso) is hurting. I think it’s from the weight of my satchel. Not sure how to stretch it to fix it. Owie. For now I’m just wearing my satchel on the other side but it feels weird that way. Ah well. Just one more thing to add to my list of weird body issues.


Late afternoon – My tent

The Bardicci coin show and tell was smaller than I thought it’d be. A few people were around Oakwood Hall showing off their coins and Billy was giving some of the history. I apparently have a comparatively rare one (my 2003 coin) as well as some interesting non-Bardicci coins.

Came back to camp because the pain in my groin is pulling on other muscles, and also I’m tired. Aibhilin’s concert is going on, and there’s an “ice cream bardic” in the food court, but I think I may take an hour to lie down in my tent. Kinda hitting the wall a bit.


Before supper – Marauders

I lay down on the floor of my tent and just… stayed there a while. I’m sorry I missed Aibhilin’s show, but we’ll jam at some point. Groin still hurts, but there’s nothing for it. I’ll just have to stretch and take things slow.

Dinner bell rang but the line is super-long so I’m taking a few minutes to journal as it thins out a bit.

One of the things that’s weird this year is the number of solar panels I’m seeing. I guess at some point in the last three years they became cheap enough that everyone seems to have them now. That and the ubiquity of charging stations for phones. I admit I have partaken quite a bit. It would be odd to go back to the way it was for my first few Pennsics when I didn’t have a phone. I don’t know that I could do it anymore, and that’s even taking into account that I try not to use it very much.

It’s also strange to think that I’ve only got three full days at most left, and they are already filling up. To think I’ve already been at Pennsic nine days is a little weird. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Even though I’ve done a lot, it doesn’t feel like I’ve done as much as I have in previous years. I wonder how much of that is misremembering previous years, how much is misremembering this year, and how much is the truth.

Supper is apparently spaghetti tonight (thanks, Seraphina!), so that sounds yummy. Line is still plenty long, though. I’ve been nibbling on tasty food in the common area all afternoon, though, so I’m not super-hungry. Tasty common-area food. Home-made bread and cake and pickled curried cauliflower and other stuff. Mmm… stuff.

Tonight I’m gonna take it easy. Almost certainly gonna head out to Enchanted Ground, but if I get there a little late, that’ll be okay. I miss hearing Cariadoc tell his stories. I’ve polished up Reprobus and I have some new saint stories, so I’m good to go even if it’s small tonight.

And now the line looks short enough that I’ll probably join it. Dinner, ho!

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