Pennsic 2016 Diary: Tuesday, August 9

Morning – Marauders

I got a new silver Cariadoc armband! Squee!

Ahem. All in good time. Back to our regularly scheduled journal.

After writing last, I had dinner, called Marc, and caught the last 40 minutes of Yaakov’s show. It was really good, full of stories within stories, and I’m sad I missed the beginning so I didn’t know the outermost frame. Still, extremely well told and I’m glad I went.

From there it was down to Enchanted Ground. It was a good circle last night, fluctuating between 7 and 10 people for most of the evening, many of them performers. There were some great performances, including Fiana’s new Iesu story, some beautiful songs of the fey and Arthur’s court (not at the same time), some church songs, etc. There were also a few told by Cariadoc I hadn’t heard before. For my part, I ran through a large portion of my saint stories, including King Conrad, Mary wins a tournament, St. Julian, St. John the Almsgiver, Peter the tax collector, and St. Christopher (the last of which Cariadoc called “very fine”).

Toward the end of the evening, we settled into five: me, Cariadoc, Fiana, and two women I didn’t know. It was lovely. Some of the stories trended towards SCA history (even some of Cariadoc’s), which surprised me because I didn’t think Cariadoc liked “modern middle ages” history at his circles. I stuck to my guns and kept up with the saint stories. I really love Enchanted Ground, especially at night around the fire, because you can get so immersed in the period feel. It’s one of the few places at Pennsic I can really do that.

As the circle wrapped up and Fiana and I were walking toward the road, His Grace stopped me and said, “I can’t let you leave without giving you this,” where ‘this’ turned out to be a silver bracelet. I thanked him graciously, walked out with Fiana, and we had gotten as far as the main road when she turned to me and said, “How far do we need to get away before we can squee?” And then we squeed together for a while. In fact, we squeed together for most of the walk back to camp. This is my second armband, and while I didn’t have quite the same “jump up and down and don’t sleep for three days” reaction I had from my first, it was still a very special moment and I’m still glowing this morning. Yay armbands! Now I have one for each arm! (Though, unlike when I got the first one, I can no longer wear them on my upper arms and need to wear them as loose bracelets.) Fiana joked that if getting an armband is the bardic equivalent of winning Crown, then I’m now a bardic duke. She, of course, is a super-duke. There’s a reason Cariadoc created the kenning “Fiana’s bane” for silver armbands.


My new silver bracelet from Duke Cariadoc

Got back to camp and was ready for bed around 1:00. Was up for a while full of emotion, and then woke up around 7:00 to go to the privy. Never quite fell back to sleep, and got up properly at 8:00. Had breakfast, and here we are.

I’m on breakfast dishes this morning, and after that Fiana is coming by to fix my paternoster. I don’t have much else for the morning, but at 2:00 I’m teaching “SCA’s Greatest Hits” at Bog U and then shopping with Aethelflaed. Then another gap until after dinner, at which time I have my pick of five different things I want to go to: the concerts (Drake, then Kenneth and Adelaide), De Londres bardic, Windmaster’s Hill bardic, Bhakail period bardic and games, and Bardicci family night. Right now I’m thinking of going to the last two, but we’ll see how I’m feeling tonight.

Breakfast dishes aren’t ready yet, so I think I’ll brush teeth and get dressed. Onwards!


Late morning – Marauders

Breakfast dishes took longer than expected. Breakfast started late, and everything got pushed back a bit. Consequently, Fiana was able to come by, fix my paternoster, and leave, and I was still working on the dishes. Oops. At least I didn’t have anything I’m doing this morning.

The heat rash on my forearms is quite bad, especially the right arm. It doesn’t itch but it looks really ugly, and I think I’ll be wearing long sleeves for a while, even once I get back to Mundania. Also, despite being good for most of last week, my traditional Pennsic constipation is back. Blargh. Stupid body – start working properly again!

Trying to decide what I want to do with the rest of my morning and early afternoon. Part of me wants to gather up my class stuff and head down to the Bog so I can get some time down there. Maybe I’ll do that.


Early afternoon – Bog U

A late morning of meandering. Headed over to the behind-the-barn merchants and caught Efenwealt busking in front of his booth. He seemed surprised that I’d already picked up 17 of his CDs. (I believe his exact words were, “I didn’t think we had that much new stuff!”) I also ran my “greatest hits” class playlist by him, and he approved. So yay for that! I told him I’d come back later to do my next set of CD buying.

Hung out with Torvaldr for a while, chatting and trading stories. Then got lunch at the Penn Market (lines are much longer this week than last week) and headed down into the Bog. Got to see the Casa by daylight and tell some stories to a few Bardicci who were around (St. Anastasia’s maidservants and Mary wins a tournament). Went over to Wild Rose but no one was home, so I continued on.

The gypsy camp where Michael Kelly is camping is having a mini-putt tournament with a twist: there’s a person standing in front of the one with the club, so they’ve got to put their hands around the one in front to hit the ball. It’s… raucous and raunchy and about what you’d expect.

The Bog U class tent is quite small. The class before me is a heddle weaving class with two students. I have no idea how many people will come to mine. The tent is very hot and very humid. I think I’m overheating a bit and I didn’t bring enough water. There’s a small cooler here, but it’s very small and I don’t know if there’s anything in it. I hope so. I don’t want to go two more hours in here without water.


Suppertime – Marauders

Class was small but good. Only had five students but they liked the music and that’s the important thing. It was really hard to stop myself from singing along to all the great music. I satisfied myself with lip-synching and doing the gestures, much to the amusement of the toddler who was present for the first half of the class.

Afterwards I spent some time next door chatting with Pierro, then walked around the lake to pick up Aethelflaed for our shopping date. She was tired and napping, though – she is wiser than I am – and we took a rain check. So I went back up the hill. Found out about yet another circle tonight (Silver Oaks, across from Eoforwic) and said hi to Pelayo.

I figured that since I wasn’t shopping, I’d catch the second half of the Bardic Symposium, which was pretty nifty. The theme of the day was “from myth to music,” so right in line with a lot of the stuff I’m doing now with my saint stories.

It was (and is) very hot, so I announced I was gonna spoil my supper and get ice cream. Emer agreed to go with me and it was very nice to chat with her for while. Also to eat ice cream. It’s 6:50 and according to NOAA it’s 28 degrees and 72% humidity. It’s a sauna. There’s supposed to be heavy rain tonight (hopefully after I’m in bed), but the low will only be 20.5 degrees. So I’m gonna melt. Stupid weather. The long-range forecast is pretty much rain for the rest of the week. Do not want!

Anyway, dinner line is short enough that I should get supper. Bigos tonight, which I usually love, but the idea of stew in this heat is making me cringe. No! Not more heat! I’m melting…


Late night – Marauders

Fun night, not even marred by the deluge! After writing last, I had supper, called Marc, and took a shower. Rushed across the street to catch most of Drake’s concert. Good stuff. I’m starting to get familiar with his repertoire at this point, and I liked the way he put the set list together and the guests he’d managed to get onstage with him.

After that I came back to camp just long enough to break out the bottle of raspberry mead I bartered for yesterday. It was too sour / dry for me, but other people enjoyed it and that was my intention from the beginning. So yay! I love it when a plan comes together.

Then it was over to Bhakail for their period bardic and games night. The games were going full swing but the bardic hadn’t quite started. Sabine introduced me to their baronial bard (Sean? I’m blanking on the name), and when I told him I’d need to leave fairly soon, he opened the circle and let me go first. I opened with Emperor Nero gives birth to a frog because I hadn’t performed it yet this War outside my classes. Maraha did a Berbal story, Lucian and Dreda did a beautiful song, William did his story about Odysseus finding Achilles before the Trojan War… lots of good stuff. The circle came round to me again and I figured, what the heck, and I did “The Tale of Reprobus.” I so rarely get to, but if I can’t do it at a period bardic circle, where can I, damnit?! It went over well, which made me happy. But after performing it I took my leave.

I was watching the radar and realized there was a big storm coming, so I hurried down to the Casa in the hopes of reaching it before the storm reached us. And I succeeded! Yay! Got there with enough time to give hugs to people I know, eat some tasty second dinner, and settle in before i Verdi Confusi came on for a private show. It was awesome! Hilarious and raunchy and full of much wrongness. I found out later that one of their players lost his voice and one was walking on a sprained ankle, but you’d never know from their performance. I’m super-impressed. Though it was weird being at the Casa and being audience instead of entertainer.

The heavens opened midway through i Verdi Confusi’s third act, and I was very impressed that they just plowed through, projecting over the rain. Once they were done, I hung out, chatting for a while, and checking the radar map to see when the storm would slacken enough for me to be willing to walk outside. All credit to the Casa – between the “Sistine Chapel” ceiling and the new floor, you couldn’t really tell it was raining at all when you were in the Great Hall.

The rain slacked around midnight and I took advantage of the time between storms to make my way up the hill. It’s good I wore my shower-shoe crocs, because as soon as I stepped into the Casa courtyard I immediately planted my foot in a puddle. Oops. But yay shower shoes! Only a minor problem!

Stopped in at High Rafters on my way home because I heard someone singing “Valhalla.” I apologized to Haakon because he’d asked me to do it but someone had beaten me to the punch. But, having walked into High Rafters, they wouldn’t let me leave without performing. The theme of the evening was apparently bloody and warlike, so I did Rosalind Jehanne’s “Roland.” Emer gave me a ring because, in her words, she thinks I’m awesome. I’m so tickled by that! Thanks, Emer!

Came back, checked out my tent, and was pleased to see it has weathered the deluge admirably, unlike the one on setup Sunday. Was less pleased to find that even at midnight and a bit, it’s still 23 degrees. Too hot to sleep, even though I’m tired. So I came out to the common area to charge my phone and journal. And, apparently, listen to Wolgemut. Yes, at almost 1 am on the Serengeti. Not sure where they’re playing, but it must be nearby.

It’s nice out here even though it’s raining again because there’s a nice breeze. In my tent, not so much. I get the sense this is gonna be one of those “sleep with nothing on top of me but a sheet” nights. So tired, but I know it’s gonna be hard to fall asleep in my tent. Sigh.

Tomorrow I’m shopping with Aethelflaed in the morning, EK Hospitality shift from 2 to 4, teaching 5-6, chili night, and then performing in Marian’s show sometime between 9 and 11. So probably not going down to the Bog tomorrow.

Okay, tired now, rain’s slacked, maybe time to try sleeping.

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