Pennsic 2016 Diary: Friday, August 12

Before breakfast – Marauders

Pennsic is coming down. The tent next to me is gone, and I’m sure many others will be within a few hours. There are cars in the road now. A few people are in mundanes.

I’m not as sleep deprived as I might be, given the weather. It was still 23 degrees at 1 am when I went to sleep, and 26 degrees at 8 am when I woke up this morning. Needless to say, I slept in only my sheets last night. And now it is breakfast time – more later.


1:25 pm – Time Hortons, Dunkirk, NY

Packed up, said all my final goodbyes, and left site around 10:45. Haven’t been making stupendous time – there was a big construction zone just north of Pennsic, made a pit stop just north of Meadville, and now I’m stopping again in Dunkirk for a snack and a French vanilla latte. I’d been hoping to make it to the service stations past Buffalo but I was just too hungry and sleepy. Ah, well. This is why I do the drive home over two days and without passengers.


3:40 pm – Henrietta service station, NY

Time for a bit of a longer break. Driving’s been making me tired, even with the French vanilla I had at the last stop, and I think I’ve got maybe an hour left in me, two at the outside. I picked out a hotel from the coupon book that should be $65 tonight, right near Syracuse, about 75 minutes away. Just right. It doesn’t help that I haven’t had a proper lunch, just two Tim Hortons bagels (the only real restaurant at the service station I’m at is an Arby’s, and I don’t quite trust it). I guess I’ll eat well at dinner.

I’m having to get used to how confining modern clothes are. After two weeks in loose tunics and surcoats, my jeans and t-shirt feel very clingy. It’s not bad now that I’ve cooled off with the air conditioning, but putting it on was… tricky. Definitely a “do not want” moment.

As is traditional, I’ve been listening to some of the CDs I bought while I’ve been driving. So far it’s been Heather Dale’s Imagineers, Efenwealt Wystle’s Holding On, The Songs of Mistress Rosalind Jehanne Vol. 3, Drake Oranwood’s Hidden Gold, and I’m almost don Ken Theriot’s Outlaws and Bystanders. Good stuff. I’ve definitely had a few ear-worms. There’s no way I’ll listen to all my new CDs on the drive home – I picked up 29 – but I’ll get to them.

The plan this evening once I check into the hotel, other than the usual stuff like showering, calling Marc, and brainstorming my post-Pennsic brain dump, will be to record all my polished saint stories on my audio recorder and to listen to the end of my audiobook. The latter is because it’s easier to listen to it on headphones than with the FM transmitter in the car, and the former because I want o remember how precisely I perform these stories so it’ll be easier to blow the dust off next year. If I have time after all that, maybe I’ll play some Pokemon Go and catch some pokemon that don’t really exist commonly in Montreal. I didn’t play at War, true to my word, but now War is over and I can start again.

Okay, it’s been about a half-hour. Time to put gas in the car and hit the road for the final stretch today.


9:15 pm – Knights Inn, Liverpool / Syracuse, NY

Got to the hotel with no issues. They didn’t have any of the coupon-rate rooms left, but they had a 10% discount for CAA members. And at $90 / night plus tax, it was probably as well as I’d do anywhere without major hunting. So I decided to opt for convenience and got the room here.

Puttered around the room and bit and then headed out for Indian food a 10-minute walk from the hotel. The restaurant was quiet but the food (a buffet) was quite good. I heard the couple next to me (the only other guests at that point) mention heat, camping and Tuchux, and tentatively asked if they had come from Pennsic. Turns out they had, and were camping about a block from the Marauders, at Delftwood in N08. It was their first Pennsic and we commiserated about the weather together until they had to leave.

I played Pokemon Go on the walk back from the restaurant. And while I caught a few, none of them were new. I’d been hoping to catch some that are more rare in Montreal, but it seems I didn’t have the luck of the draw today. Oh, well.

I’d already done my brainstorming for the post-Pennsic brain dump while I was at dinner (I’ll write it up when I get home and have access to a keyboard), so all that was left was to call Marc and take a shower. Let me tell you, that shower was glorious in the way that only the first shower after hot, sticky camping for two weeks can be. It’s almost worth not having the real shower at War, just so I can appreciate this one all the more. Almost, but not quite.

And now to huddle up with my phone and listen to the last two discs of Guards, Guards before bed.

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